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Schedule Update

09/02/2018, 6:45pm CDT
By Jeff Morgan

Schedule Update



Here is an update on the schedule and the status. It is important to communicate to all as best we can, but it appears after several emails, that the information around the schedule has not made it out to the masses, so this hopefully will help.


Football is under attack in many communities. Across the cities, there has been an increasing decline of registrants in our league. Several new associations have entered into our league this year, so that their players have great options for play which we have had for years.


As a result of not knowing the exact number of teams per grade, it has made the scheduling take a bit more than we had planned. Originally, it was stated at the coaches meeting in the beginning of August and at the July board meeting that the first weekend of play would come out, with the goal to get the rest of the schedule out around August 25th. We have not met that goal, and for that I apologize. There have been major changes in communities that expected higher numbers and more teams, but that has not happened.


Our league believes in having as many kids play as possible, and that means that some teams that were at the point of splitting into two teams we asked to wait and see if they could. It is better for youth to be on a team of 14-18 than one a team of 31. They will get more playing time and are more likely to want to come back and play next year. As a result, the schedule was delayed slightly to make sure that what we put out was correct the first time and offered the maximum opportunity for players to have right sized teams.


The draft of the schedule was sent out to community directors to review yesterday to put final eyes on it. Currently, a few communities have not responded yet, but we will push forward. The schedule will be posted by Tuesday morning at the latest, but hopefully tomorrow by end of day.


All teams will not play prior to Saturday September 8 at 9:00 am. Almost all teams will play between 9 and 1.


Thank you for your support of football and preserving the game.


Jeff Morgan

President MEYFL

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